Icelandic River Community Foundation FUNDS

Donate today to Icelandic River Community Foundation  Box 159  Arborg, Manitoba R0C 0A0
Ensuring that our community remains strong and healthy is an important priority for the Foundation.    

We have a number of funds which you may want to support
 • Health Care Fund
 • Recreation Fund
 • Vidir Cemetery Fund
 • Riverton Cemetery Fund
 • Hnausa Cemetery Fund
 • Riverdale Workshop Recycling Recreation Fund
 • Unrestricted General Fund

The Foundation’s Board of Directors will determine the use of Healthy Bifrost grants each year based on community health care priorities.
The “Unrestricted” Fund:
 Donations to the “Unrestricted” Fund allow the Foundation to respond to current issues facing the community and designate annual grants to wherever the need is greatest.  As community needs change, the Foundation can respond to meet those needs.
The “Sustaining” Fund:
 This fund is designed to ensure that the Icelandic River Community Foundation is able to continue its work improving the quality of life of those in Bifrost long into the future.  The Sustaining Fund will be used for internal administrative, equipment, program and other needs.
“Named” Funds:
 An individual, family, corporation or group may establish a “named” fund with an initial donation of $10,000 or more.  The fund may be named for a special person, organization or in memory of a loved one or it may be named to reflect the purpose of the fund.  Some examples are:
 • The Smith Family Fund

 • The Smith Recreation Fund

 • The John Smith Memorial Fund

The use of the annual fund proceeds can be specified when the fund is established. Another option is to have a “self-directed” fund where the person or group starting the fund makes decisions about its use each year. A Foundation representative would be happy to discuss the establishment of a Named Fund with you.
Contact the Foundation at
Ph: 1-204-378-0111 or 1-204-782-9694
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.